The good news: Details staffers were just told that they're moving out of their second class offices on Third Avenue into the big time, Conde Nast headquarters at 4 Times Square! The bad news:

They're moving into the former offices of Domino, which folded last week. So in exchange for access to a grand cafeteria and the chance of spotting Anna Wintour in the elevators, they get to relocate to the jinxed Offices of Doom. Kind of like if you're on the front lines with the Russian army in WWII in the wintertime, and your buddy gets shot and killed, but hey, at least you can take his shoes.

Our tipster tells us this "Just in case you want to make a joke about how we'll probably be in and out of the space pretty quickly." Hey, Details might not be around that long itself anyhow, amirite? Hey-o!