Internet hustler Jason Calacanis might be Twitter friends with Ashton Kutcher and Kutcher's wife Demi Moore, but the Brooklyn native will still slam the celebrities for harassing two homebuilders.

"Celebrities have a lot of free time," Calacanis said on an industry podcast, "and... when you have a lot of free time, the internet is a great place to get yourself in trouble."

Calacanis should know: He once videotaped himself in a Santa Monica street race. That diversion is illegal in California.

But the internet entrepreneur said Kutcher and Moore took things a step too far, chucking bottles of juice at two poorer guys working on a neighboring house at 7 in the morning. The noise, apparently, had been too much for the late-sleeping movie stars. Calacanis asked why Kutcher was picking a fight with people who were "busting their asses." (Audio above.)

If the internet makes it easier for Moore and Kutcher to rearrange their yoga plans and otherwise connect with Twitterati like Calacanis, it also makes them all the more likely to expose — and to be called out on — their personality flaws.