Let's be frank: the announcement of Vivica A. Fox as the new spokesperson for the Psychic Friends hotline is terrible news for Vivica, but amazing news for the world. And yes, we have a clip.

Sure, we will always carry a torch for Vivica due to her heroic work in Two Can Play That Game (while others are crowing about giving Mo'Nique an Oscar now, she really deserved it for her wild-eyed, slightly scary contributions to the behind-the-scenes documentary on the Game DVD). Truly, though, V has brought a whole host of amazing line readings to the following two-minute clip alone, whether she's asserting, "You can get as INTIMATE as you LIKE with your PSYCHICFRIEND" or listing potential topics like "your love life and your career, or anything in between (MMM-HMMM)." We're so enamored with Vivica that we can't even get started on androgynous Psychic Friends mindreader "Christian Dion," who's a mere changed consonant away from a heavy copyright battle. Sorry, ShamWow guy—we've finally found an infomercial host that we'd be willing to cut a trick-ass bitch for.