Surrounded by friends for her Secretary of State swearing in, Hillary Clinton felt comfortable enough to thank husband Bill for a "lifetime of — all kinds of experiences," i.e. that intern slut.

Everyone laughed because Hillary is obviously now over her husband getting the oral sex from Monica Lewinsky, having attained her lifelong dream of being a secretary to the president, a man, who defeated her. And she has Bill's performance on the campaign trail to thank for that wonderful position she finds herself in, in someone else's cabinet.

Which is why Hillary acknowledged she owes Bill for a life of "extraordinary richness." As rich as, say, a dark and bitter cup of coffee, which keeps you awake all night, trembling.

Hillary is going to get along with her former presidential rival Barack Obama just fine for the next eight years, because she'll sublimate any and all anger about her election humiliation into quiet fury at her husband. (He can take it.)

(Thanks to intern Danny Groner for the clip.)