In 2007, Ebert usurper Ben Lyons proclaimed I Am Legend "one of the greatest movies ever made." In 2008, he gave highest honors to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Finally, he's being called out.

Lyons appeared this weekend on Fox's late-night hope, Talkshow with Spike Feresten, and the host immediately started grilling Lyons about his Button love, reiterating that the movie was far too similar to Forrest Gump. Nonsense, insisted Lyons: Gump came out 15 years ago. He then added, "Also, I love special effects movies that don't take place in modern times or in the future!" Duly noted? Finally, we know what could probably induce Lyons to watch a black-and-white film: pervasive use of CG. Who wouldn't prefer Bringing Up Baby if Baby was a twenty-story-high Decepticon?