Poster Boy, beloved remixer of subway posters, has been going public, chatting with the Guardian, New York and at least one videographer. It finally got him in trouble.

Poster Boy was to attend a festival involving a dozen artists profiled in a series of documentary videos. His name was on a flyer. The cops showed up. It was just that simple.

This is the second time the guerilla social commentator has been caught, according to Gothamist; the question is how much "damage" he's known to have caused to subway advertising since then — and to the one or more Brooklyn billboards he's reportedly started experimenting with.

At the very least, the artist's real name will get out. At worst, he'll be successfully prosecuted. Either way, chances are high the news will spread Poster Boy's story further and potentially spur imitators, per his stated wishes.

(Photo via Chiefmag)