We're not sure when the tide turned, but lately it's become OK to dislike Bruce Springsteen. He's been accused of crass commercialism, of writing the worst grocery-themed music of his career, and now—gasp—stealing from KISS.

The track in question is "Outlaw Pete," the very first on new album Working On a Dream. To argue their point, a disappointed fan used the preferred method of all melody-embezzlement whistleblowers—putting the two songs side-by-side on YouTube.

Has Jersey's favorite son borrowed too heavily from his kabuki-rocking contemporaries across the Hudson? Is it just a matter of time before a certain serpent-tongued Celebrity Apprentice candidate goes all Satriani on Bruce's cap-toting ass? Or can we all just move on with our lives, and enjoy some half-time entertainment courtesy of 100% Certified American Original™ The Boss, comfortable in the knowledge that no demonshlongs will rear their pointy heads during a rousing rendition of "Born to Run?" [YouTube]