The latest issue of The New Yorker runs 82 pages. What you see above is all—all—of the paid advertising. Is it time to get seriously concerned?

The issue itself was great—Kelefah Sanneh on rethinking Booker T. Washington, a long Larissa MacFarquhar piece on Caroline Kennedy, Ta-Nehisi Coates on the inauguration. I personally even read the fiction, by George Saunders, which only happens about twice a year.

But the ads? What you see are just under ten pages of paid ads, to go along with five and 2/3 more pages of house ads.

That's bad. Especially in light of the fact that the New Yorker had the largest ad page decline of any Conde Nast magazine last year: -26.8%.

Conde just folded Domino this week. One would think that as times get tougher, more magazines will go down—but one would also think that the company would do anything to keep its prestige titles safe.

Not necessarily. The New Yorker is a great magazine, and great magazines are expensive to produce. Having America's best magazine as its biggest ad page loser is not the kind of balance that Conde can afford these days. Somebody please buy some ads over there. [UPDATE: FishbowlNY also pointed out this very issue this week.]