After so many years of tired Oscar-campaign squabbles unfolding in our backyard, we're quite liking the change of scenery to the exotic slums of Mumbai.

Fox Searchlight and the makers of Slumdog Millionaire ended a rough week on just the upnote they needed: After days of "unwarranted media attention" investigating its young cast's unusual compensation structure, the AP offered a more reassuring update from the parents of 7-year-old Rubina Ali Qureshi, who reportedly made the equivalent of $700 for 30 days' work but is the beneficiary of free education and a trust fund that'll cash out at age 18. "Whatever a parent could have done, they have done much more than that," said father Rafiq; mother Munni added that she "felt very happy that my daughter had become a star."

And Rubina herself, whose safety Fox reps told us was compromised as recently as Wednesday? Expect her in Searchlight's for-your-consideration ads by next week: "I would like to study and also pursue a career in the films," she told the AP. "Our movie should definitely get an award (at the Oscars) because it's such a nice movie." A born campaigner. Beat that, Focus.