[Submit your own Gawker Stalker sightings to stalker@gawker.com] Jan. 30 @ 12am Spotted: Leighton Meester sucking face with some random with a sparkly sweater at Brother Jimmy's after the Kings Of Leon show at MSG.

She was up against the wall with her legs wrapped around this boy! Very plain looking — her hair was up, and she was wearing glasses. Oh yeah, and Chace Crawford was also there - beautiful in a flannel and jeans. His eyes are stunning.

Gossip Girl has trained our stalkers well. Thumbs were flying last night and we got a flurry of messages:

Spotted: Lil J at Kings of Leon show. Saw her at 921pm in the women's restroom on the 70-75 gate entry level. Her legs went on for days and she was taking way too long to tossle her stringy blonde hair. No sighting of Mr. Bass necking Vanessa... yet.

Spotted: Little J at the Kings of Leon concert last night. She has terrible posture & was wearing weird glasses - I'm pretty sure she thought they were a disguise. Hair was less mulletty than I thought itd be. Was hanging on some guy who didn't look young enough to be dating a 15 year old.
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And perhaps there was a mixup, because two of the young and pretties were spotted at a different location of the frat boy chain:

Spotted: Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr (aka Chuck and Vanessa) outside of Brother Jimmie's in Murray Hill. Although once they saw there was a line to get in, they left. Do they really have nowhere better to go on a Thursday night? Gossip Girl would not approve.