Oh, World Economic Forum. You were even more of a grotesque than we'd imagined. We don't know whether to laugh or cry. Especially when we hear stories like these:

[Nouriel "Dr. Doom"] Roubini reports on his Facebook page that he " is partying with the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Taleb, Ferguson) and Julia Alllison."


Subject: What????
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Who the hell is paying for Julia Allison... to take a private jet back from Davos?????

Who knows. The global establishment is turned on its head: those "elites" once anointed as leaders wise enough to navigate us through up and down markets alike are too scared to show up, or, if they've secured government work, working too frantically at home. Labor leaders, meanwhile, are warning of global revolution.

Perhaps the world will be saved by the new global "elite," including the likes of fameball Julia Allison, who crashed the party without an invite; manic blogger Robert Scoble; young Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg; Napster co-founder Sean Parker; startup blogger Mike Arrington; YouTube chief Chad Hurley; new media ranter Jeff Jarvis or former heads of state like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

Photos below are from Getty, AP, Allison's lifestream, Robert Scoble's Flickr stream and ultimatewhit on Flickr.

And if Allison seems overrepresented in the gallery below? Well, we apologize, but it's just been that sort of year for the World Economic Forum: The pretenders have taken over. The saddest part is, that may be for the best.