Alejandra Campoverdi zoomed from campaign intern to assistant to a deputy White House chief of staff with, we're told, no other political experience. But the "flirtatious" Obama staffer supposedly wanted more.

Judging from what we've heard, the Maxim model-turned-Harvard grad student has drawn as much notice within the president's circle as she has outside of it. Campoverdi is said to have joined the campaign just this past fall; when she was installed in the West Wing in January, some staffers who count their experience in years rather than months were still waiting to hear about their futures.

So there are no doubt simmering resentments behind the whispers about Campoverdi and her eclectic, highbrow/lowbrow background: That "Ali" became "Alejandra" only after a relatively recent decision to reconnect with her Latina roots and to work with field laborers as part of her job with the California Endowment; that she never earned that MBA from Northwestern; or that she is purportedly "flirtatious" and "fully aware of her sex appeal when seeking jobs."

Perhaps. But even those who dish about the former reality-show contestant acknowledge her strengths, including a "can-do" attitude and fairly undisguised ambition.

Of course, the latter can be as much a negative as a positive. For example:

Why, a tipster asks, did Campoverdi think she could be Michelle Obama's speechwriter? And why, especially, was she perplexed by the inevitable rejection?

If Campoverdi has any speechwriting experience, no one seems to be aware of it. Heck, she apparently hasn't worked on any other campaigns. Was she hoping to crib notes from hottie boyfriend Jon Favreau, the president's 27-year-old speechwriter? Or perhaps liked the symmetry of one set of lovebirds writing speeches for another?

Whatever the case, one must indulge Campoverdi overambitious job-hunting, if only because it has, at the end of the day, served the twentysomething so very well. She's got a power gig in the White House, a resume that leaves Hollywood as a plausible fallback, and one of the most desired young men in the nation as her boyfriend. Does anyone think she got all that without asking?


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