Douglas Quenqua, former Facebook friend Ehren Seeland is not afraid of your fancy New York Times article! After Quenqua wrote up his heartbreak over the snub by "Ehren S.," his victim dropped us a line.

Not understanding the point of discussing why you de-friend someone on a social networking site, I found that telling him "It was for the meats and cheeses" was the funniest way to exit the conversation when asked to be interviewed for this story. When pressed however, I was forced to reveal the true reason: "I just find you obnoxious". I stand by my de-friending. You can use my full name: Ehren Seeland.

According to the article, Seeland, a creative director at Poise Publications and interior-design enthusiast, had asked Quenqua not to use her full name. Not quite the case, she says!

I said that he could use my full name if he used "it was for the meats and cheeses" (cause that's just kind of a funny quote, come on!), but did ask that he refrain from using my whole name otherwise, as he wanted to do the interview over the phone (I declined) and I wouldn't get final editorial approval on the piece. The whole interview thing seemed a bit weird to me, I mean, why go there? Really. It wasn't awkward, it just didn't need to be discussed.

Ehren, we salute your switch from passive-aggressive pseudonymity to public aggressive-aggression!