Mark Zuckerberg, the 24-year-old CEO of Facebook, wants to know what everyone in the world is feeling. But did he really want to get inside the head of 19-year-old murderer Leon Craig Ramsden?

Ramsden, a resident of the U.K., has been sentenced for 17 years for stabbing and killing Paul Gilligan at a bar in the city of Bolton last year. Police said he'd been on a three-day drug and alcohol binge, and released a photo of him snorting cocaine with a beer in his hand. Shortly before he went out that evening, he wrote on Facebook:

I'm twisted at home. My head's up my ——. I feel like killin some1 need to stay off the hard stuff ha —— it it's Saturday ha.

Last fall, a man killed his wife after she changed her status on the social network to "single." Facebook flacks have long talked about how their site is meant to be a reflection of the real world. Has the site become too perfect a mirror?

(Photo via Greater Manchester Police/PA)