Celebrity-glomming fameball Hilary Rowland told us she "would never" date actor James Woods, as we had reported based on several 2001 Getty Images captions. So what about this 2001 photo of them kissing?

Reads the caption on the Getty pic: "Actor James Woods kisses Hilary Rowland at the Cerruti Showroom Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2001/2002 party January 29, 2001 in New York City." It sure looks like that's what is going on here. But maybe the famous actor and the infamous name-dropper are just talking, really closely, and Rowland's eyes are only closed because she's blinking or something. Sure!

We found the picture amid other Getty shots showing Rowland and Woods together at six different events between January and March 2001: the National Board Review Awards, a Talk magazine party, the Cerruti show above, the Hannibal premiere, the Museum of Television & Radio Gala and the Vanity Fair Oscar party. The captions no longer identify Rowland as Woods' "girlfriend" as they did just two days ago. But surely they were at least dating; that's what one usually calls the act of attending a series of events with a person you kiss.

Maybe protocelebrity Rowland knows that publicly acknowledging a romantic relationship with a bona-fide star makes it that much harder to find the next one.

Or maybe Woods is too B-listy; we notice Rowland didn't bother to deny dating Entourage's Adrien Grenier, the focus of the post tying her to Woods.