Those gold-digging "DABA" girls, the ones who're complaining about their impotent, newly-out-of-work banker boyfriends in the New York Times, have become overnight successes. All by themselves! They've gone and snagged a book deal.

Fashionista got a tip that the Dating A Banker Anonymous ladies who used to brunch (roll call! there's Dawn, from Lucky! and Laney, from the internet! and Megan, she's a lawyer!) have received an offer to write an opus about... something. Presumably it will cover their usual topic, which is bemoaning and belittling their once-doting, now-ruined main squeezes who have callously turned to them for emotional support.

But what should the book be called?

How about The Brief, Plunderous Wife of Mister Dow?

Let's hear your ideas!