We hear Jim Clark, the billionaire Netscape founder, may marry his fiancée, Australian swimsuit model Kristy Hinze, in March on Richard Branson's Necker Island — the same place where Google's Larry Page said "I do."

Last month, the Clark, who turns 65 this year, and Hinze held a secret party in a posh Sydney suburb to celebrate the engagement. Australian newspapers reported that the couple would marry in Sydney in March.

But a source on the British Virgin Islands tells us that there are preparations underway for the wedding of a "Netscape big." Netscape cofounder Marc Andreessen is already married, as is former CEO Jim Barksdale, so the ceremony is almost certainly for Clark. Could the Sydney location be a ruse to throw off the tabloids?

Necker, Branson's private estate in the British Virgin Islands, is a good location to avoid paparazzi. A local said the currents make it hard for their boats to approach. But we suspect it won't matter. A guest at the wedding of Google's Page sent Valleywag a snap of him kissing his bride, Lucy Southworth. YouTube founder Chad Hurley, who married Clark's daughter Kathy, will surely be on the invite list. Maybe he'll post a clip! Oh, and if anyone has an invite to the Clark-Hinze bash, care to send us a scan?