Sean Hannity gave Alan Colmes a new Rolex and Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes a new baby, reportedly. Disturbing relationships can still be fruitful.

  • Katie Holmes is pregnant, and we know because Tom Cruise put his hand on her stomach, in front of a restaurant. [OK!]
  • Sean Hannity bought Alan Colmes a Rolex as thanks for serving as his liberal punching bag on Fox News for nearly 13 years. Fox's corporate sibling the New York Post then let it be known that Colmes was showing off the watch to his hippie pinko friends. [P6]
  • Maria Bartiromo completed an adulatory interview with former Merrill Lynch boss John Thain. There's concern she may have kissed up to the guy because he and CNBC share a publicist, since she's normally just so tough and professional with corporate honchos. [P6]
  • The British press thinks Paris Hilton is lying about believing Gordon Ramsay to be prime minister of Britain, but telling the truth about not dating Prince Harry because she respects Harry's ex-girlfriend wayyy too much to do that. Can't put one past Fleet Street.
  • This year's Grammy parties are all going to suck, for famous people. [Gatecrasher]