· So Martha's pissed at Gawker, but as far as we know she still loves Defamer and wants us on her show just as soon as her schedule allows. Meanwhile: Puppy Beagle Yoga! ZOMG!

· A tipster writes: "CAA is no longer validating parking. So if you are there for a meeting before 5pm, you have to pay $35 for parking." Is this true? Let us know.
· Meanwhile, blowing some dude in the bathrooms is still free of charge. (Same as on the Disney lot, too, Green Sweater Guy.)
· Finally—the first 3-D porn is shooting. Good thing you're wearing plastic glasses.
· We love nothing more than some gefilte celebrity: Here's the perfect British movie star, comprising Hugh Grant's hair, Daniel Craig's eyes, Orlando Bloom's nose, and Ewan McGregor's jaw. Result? Um—positively gorgeous!
· NBC finds a captive audience in American Airlines flights.