How does Julia Allison make money? It's an eternal question. We already know she can live in her "office." And now a Nonsociety intern has illuminated another revenue stream: full-time asking for free stuff!

Positive-thinking Nonsociety intern Charlsie has her own Tumblr, naturally. So another blog that "reblogs" Nonsociety for laffs culled through her entries and revealed just how beneficial her interning duties were for JA's material wealth. Highlights:

Earlier this week I sent an e-mail to this headband maker that Julia likes, L Erickson bow headbands, and they e-mailed me back saying they would love for her to wear their headbands. Thank God. I was nervous that we weren’t going to hear anything back. I still have a couple more e-mails to send out for those. I seriously cannot believe how much free stuff is sent out to editors, writers, celebrities.

Julia is an editor, writer, and celebrity, so it's easy in triplicate! Much of the work is headband-centric, coincidentally:

I also looked into some brands that Julia is interested in using for TMIWeekly and in photoshoots, such as specific headband and bow makers, Juicy Couture, and e.vil horoscope t-shirts...

This morning, Julia e-mailed me and asked me to pick up one of her headbands from Time Out New York, which is where she writes her column.

She finds that Julia's name opens doors in the most exclusive precincts of Manhattan high society:

This morning, I went to pick up a metallic gold dress by Jill Stuart from Julia’s doorman. Then I went down to the store in SoHo and exchanged the size to something smaller. The lady on the phone gave me a hard time, but luckily, once I explained that it was for Julia and that the head of PR for Jill Stuart approved it, she changed her attitude.

The story has a sad ending, however:

I have decided that having a press kit, articles about you in the New York and LA Times, and a column in a well known magazine can get you far…far enough to get free stuff, which I think, is good enough for me.

*A single tear*

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