Oh okay, we will put this up simply to remind you of how quickly trends can spiral into sickening territory: an Ebay auction (hoax?) for the virginity of a 19 year-old quadriplegic girl. Um:

Welcome! You are bidding on a 19 yr old quadriplegic girl for her VIRGINITY!!!
I may not look much to you but you can did what ever fantasies you have on me! You will need to pay for a hotel with wheelchair access or make sure your house is accessable! Don't have to use condoms!
Feel free to e-mail any questions! Bank Deposit accepted only! Enjoy! Thankyou! Good Luck!

One woman auctions hers off for more than $3 million and gets famous and look what happens. We have no idea whether this is real or not, but the seller is also auctioning off some complete DVD sets of Charmed. Take that for what you will. Yes, freedom and empowerment and everything, but no, we wouldn't like to have a philosophical debate on this, thanks.
[UPDATE: Ebay has already pulled the auction.]