It could be! If a concerned reader and some troubling information about the cult is to be believed. The actress and Cruise-wife was at the SAG awards on Sunday, looking a bit... yellow.

The reader writes to us:

Usually such skin color is indication of impending liver failure (jaundice), most likely caused by high doses on Nicain. The yellow pigment is from bilirubin, a byproduct of old red blood cells that don't get filtered out by the liver.

Niacin is the vitamin that is used in high doses as part of a Scientology body cleanse detox program that hubby Tom Cruise was pushing on Ground Zero workers after 9/11. And "yellow skin or eyes" is a potential side effect of "prolonged use of extended-release niacin."

So, we found some recent pictures of Ms. Holmes and there does seem to be a slight tinting of her eyes. Or maybe we're just crazy. As for her skin, it could just be another tale of When Spray Tans Attack. Look at some pictures and judge for yourself.

Holmes' Eyes, Jan. 25th (at the SAGs)

Holmes' Eyes, Jan. 21st

Holmes' Skin, Jan. 25th

Holmes' Skin, Jan. 21st