Hilary Rowland is an obnoxious name dropper. But she's not all talk: The model turned startup wannabe is reportedly no stranger to the celebrity dating circuit, and is now rumored seeing Entourage's Adrien Grenier.

Gossip involving Rowland should be treated even more skeptically than other celebrity rumors; talk of a Grenier-Rowland relationship is just the sort of buzz the protocelebrity seems to crave, if only because it would lend a touch more credibility to her star-studded Facebook albums.

But our tipster's money bets the union is genuine. And it's worth noting that Grenier wouldn't be the first famous actor Rowland got her claws into; Getty reported she was James Woods' girlfriend paramour in early 2001. Below, find one of several Getty pictures from the period, which in the photo service's database include a caption identifying her as his "girlfriend."

Can you shed any light on the situation? Drop us a line. We'd hate to manufacture false glory on Rowland's behalf, whether or not she feels likewise.