Ok, great, this is happening now: Drudge Report operative Andrew Breitbart wants to pay Matt Damon $100,000 to "debate Bill Kristol," for serious, about the war. This is to prove that liberals are stupid.

Because, yes, a dumb liberal actor said a dumb qualitatively true thing about a professional political commentator—"He's an idiot," Damon told some newspaper, "he wrote that we should be grateful to George Bush because he won the Iraq war. We! Won! The! War!"—and so Breitbart, in his continuing effort to prove that he and his poor beleaguered persecuted Hollywood conservative friends are so much smarter than those goddamned limousine liberals is going to pay Matt Damon a tenth of what he'd make for an hour of commercial work to debate a singing frog about the war.

Why we'd expect our famous people to not have dumb political opinions like all the rest of us, or why we'd blame them for said opinions being considered "newsworthy," and also why we'd assume anyone but persecution-imagining conservatives would care what Matt Damon thinks of a nonentity like Bill Kristol? Unexplained, by anyone.

But, you know, he's a millionaire movie star, this Damon, and so repeating something Kristol said and calling him an idiot means it is time for the final showdown between rich conservative commentators and evil liberal celebrities, and so Matt Damon and Bill Kristol will enter the Thunderdome.