A tipster at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia tells us Martha and Co. have a few new rules for staffers in the new offices. Bring nothing! Visual proof included below:

Kevin Sharkey and Martha have decided that their new design scheme will be marred by any of the following: ink colors other than red or black, desks that are not completely clear at the end of the day, except for one metal basket of approved office supplies, and anything that could be construed as being personal, such as photos or coffee mugs (I guess drinking fluids slows down the proletariat). Perhaps they are figuring the last part makes it that much easier to lay people off quickly, because they won't have to waste everyone's time by clearing out their desks.

Well you know Kevin Sharkey himself believes that "a truly beautiful room is one that hasn't been 'decorated' at all, but rather 'considered.'" So this would seem to fit. Consider this, employees: spill one drop of Diet Coke in here and you're fucking toast.