Newly implicit in the awards show gauntlet is the poison-picking question, "Joey Fatone or Lisa Rinna?" SAG nominee James Franco selected Fatone rather than his TV Guide Channel cohost. He chose unwisely.

Via AfterElton comes this truly awkward clip, in which no amount of Lance Bass-led media training has guarded Fatone against asking uncomfortable questions about Franco's decision to "play a homosexual, correct?" After a full minute of suffering through Fatone's remedial queries and sexual double entendres, Franco looks ready to administer a patented "Rinna lip" to Fatone using his own fists; we're shocked that the 'N Syncer didn't make it all the way to, "So what was it like to kiss Sean Penn, who was also playing a homosexual?" but by then, he was no doubt receiving "wrap it up" signs from his producer, his horrified stylist, and a cackling Rinna (who would have been licking her lips, had she the energy for such a formidable task).