Last week we mulled an important question: does the popular Barack Obama cutout have white hands? Well now, because of some heroic reporting, a true change has been made.

The Utah-based company that makes the ubiquitous 6'1" cardboard cutout pleads ignorance in the whole debacle, but has taken the complaints to heart. Their website is advertising that a New Obama Cutout is "coming soon", this one with decidedly Barack-colored mitts. They've also added a cutout of him standing behind a podium, which is how he sleeps!

So, gone are the light-hued paws and strange round spectacles that he doesn't wear. Were those glasses and hands those of Tom Daschel, as some guessed? We may never know. What we do know is that already, not even a week in, hard-won changes are being made all across the country. [The Root]