Combine teen sex, naked pictures, technology and crime, and you've got a hot story. Label it "sexting," and no media outlet will be able to resist for long.

Backstory: Teens are sending each other hottt/possibly illegal nude and semi-nude pictures over cell phones. Some minors in Greensburgh, Pennsylvania were even charged with child porn for the practice, i.e. for taking pictures of their own vulnerable, underage selves.

In the UK, the story was covered in both salacious tabloids like The Sun and "respectable" papers like The Times.

Now the Post is taking the media craze to a whole new level, collecting teen camera shots — it's not clear if they were solicited or somehow just came to the paper randomly — including at least one of a 15 year old. The tabloid ran at least one "sexting" image with its trend piece on the phenomenon today (see above).

We haven't spotted the inevitable highbrow think piece on What This Says About Society yet in the New York Times Magazine, but fameballing teens are probably well-advised to start sexting sexy sex writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis posthaste.