· Jimmy Kimmel Live! security guard/foul-mouthed cutaway comic relief Veatrice Rice has lost her battle with cancer. They ran this tribute to her last night. R.I.P., Veatrice. [JKL]

· Every year, Waxy.org does some impressive spreadsheet analysis of how Oscar-nominated movies are faring in the online piracy sector. Findings: Only Rachel Getting Married isn't available .
· Nervous lawyers pull the plug on Ashton Kutcher's Twitter Nation of D-boys and D-girls.
· Your American Idol David Cook will hit mostly college campuses on his first U.S. tour, to be followed in subsequent tours by malls, county fairs, and, finally, cosmetology conventions nationwide.
· We hear crafts are getting big in these hard times, and what better place to go for your knitting supplies than your own pet!
· We didn't think there was any way you could ruin pancakes. We were wrong.