During the campaign, Barack Obama presented himself as the sunny heir to Ronald Reagan's style of optimistic Americana. But this series of clips tells a different story. This is Obama when he gets angry.

Our new president doesn't get pissed off per se. He's famous for his cool. But he does get ticked. During the primary, he held back lest he seem unchivalrous to Hillary Clinton. When John McCain started ranting in the debates, Obama restrained himself lest he be perceived as being mean to an old man.

Now that he's the most powerful man in the world, we're seeing more and more flashes of anger — like when Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed Obama's swearing-in, and when his gaffe-prone sidekick VP Joe Biden starts running off his mouth. Even then, it's the kind of permanent furrow Spock had in Star Trek. What would it take to make our Vulcan president show actual emotion?

(Props to most excellent intern Stacey Fitzgerald for her quick video work.)