How was the hellish "Fashion Meets Finance" gold-diggers-meet-broken-men dating event last night? The New York Press' Matt Harvey went to find out! And apparently found an Andre Sparkling Wine commercial, circa 1998:

A line-up of seven models was in the DJ booth nodding to anemic dance music. One of them, Sabrina Roberts, a six-foot Afro-Chinese stunner wearing a tiny creme-brulee-colored dress-told me she wasn't giving up on finance dudes. "One, they're more interesting; and two, can you imagine if everyone was in fashion?" I asked her if she had ever thought of dating so-called normal people. She twirled around, took a sip from her champagne flute and asked happily, "How do normal people pay for champagne?"

Then the director yelled "CUT!" and everyone threw up. [NYPress. Pic via]