Hey, remember that college journalist who got in trouble last year for his bold, two-word editorial, "Fuck Bush?" Well that kid just got an honest-to-god scoop about a heinously corrupt (college) cop. Cussing indicates greatness!

The brash young man, David McSwane, cannot be criticized for this one, because he scored some leaked documents and audio recordings that basically proved that the top cop at this school, Colorado State, was a crazy power-mad corrupt violent law-flouting jerk:

In a later lecture, the chief, who was a Chicago policeman prior to entering academia, said sometimes excessive and violent force against a suspect is a "reality of law enforcement."

"If there's a news conference going on, I can't get in front of a crowd and say. 'He got exactly what the f*** he deserved.' You know the police should have beat him, you know. I used to beat ass when I was in Chicago, too. I can't say that.

One more from Mr. Yarbrough, the highest paid law enforcement official in the state!

The lecture that inspired him to gather recordings, Gropp said, was one in which he says Yarbrough told the class "women want the dick, even when they say 'no.' They want the dick."

The lesson here is that you can't be a pantywaist Ivy Leaguer if you want to bring down corrupt cops. You have to be the rough and tumble, FUCK BUSH, state school type. Just as we learned on The Wire. Yer okay, McSwane. [Collegian via Westword via Romenesko]