The New York Times Co. is selling its building! The Tribune Co. is selling its baseball team! Anything else you would like to buy from a newspaper company? Just make them an offer!

Item: The NYT Co. is in "advanced negotiations" for a sale-leaseback deal of its headquarters, in which the company sells the 19 floors that it occupies in its fancy new building, then stays there while paying rent, with an option to buy the space back in ten years. The deal should net the company $225 mil, which it will use to pay debt, which may or may not prove to be the equivalent of setting the deed to the building on fire, just for fun.

Item: Tribune Co. picked the Ricketts family of financiers as the lucky winning bidders to buy the Chicago Cubs, because they offered $900 million, and much of it is in cash, and the Tribune Co. could really use cold hard cash right now, because it is bankrupt.

Item: And there are still plenty of actual newspapers for sale. Bid now! Anything at all!