The attention, it was just too much: Barack Obama 's single, 27-year-old speechwriter apparently disappeared himself from Facebook within three days of his boss' inauguration. We blame young women.

Oh, sure, it could have something to do with White House policy, federal law, yadda yadda yadda.

All we know is that after Obama's staff, including the speechwriter, Jon Favreau, appeared in a Times Magazine photo essay Sunday, we heard from a friend desperate for advice on what to say to Favreau on Facebook, where she had tracked him down. (This would be Favreau's personal account, where he posted those controversial Hillary Clinton photos, not one of fan groups on the social networking site devoted to him.)

By Thursday night, the profile was gone, and our friend was devastated. If only she had "friended" Jon sooner!

Something tells us, though, that Favreau would never have seen the message, such was the state of his virtual inbox. And to think women used to totally diss the guy.

If you want a piece of the Fav now, ladies, you'll have to move to DC, find the man, maybe get past some Secret Service guys, and deliver a really, really freaking eloquent opening line. This is Barack Obama's speechwriter after all.

Good luck!