Ayelet Waldman, the writer and the overadoring and slightly stalky wife of Michael Chabon, emailed a lengthy account of the couple's AAA-list adventure at Barack Obama's inauguration. To 5,000 less awesome people.

The missive, which made its way to our inbox, is the inauguration brag to end all inauguration brags, an epic tale of hope and personal glory. Know someone who went an inaugural ball or two and can't stop talking about it? Ayelet Waldman can and will top him. She is determined to one-up any and all inauguration stories, even if it means hiring an email marketing company to do so. The woman brags about the inaugural balls she didn't have time for.

For all the new president's talk about sacrifice, change, equal opportunity and an end to divisiveness and arrogance, he has (as one would expect) plenty of supporters who can act as smug, partisan and plutocratic as the conservative cabal they helped sweep out of power, as isolated and oblivious to the concerns of the rest of the country. Fair or not, Waldman's email could be used as Exhibit A in a tutorial on how best to exude such an image.

Here's the full email, with our commentary, for your enjoyment and education:

[Correction: Waldman took up blogging last September over here.]