Mallory from Family Ties just liked to go to the mall and stuff, but that was the 1980s; today's Mallory would hang out on Twitter and Tumblr, reblogging cute boys. So it is with Justine Bateman.

Her Tumblr is at "tanya77" dot tumblr dot com, but it's definitely Bateman. She likes to take pictures of herself, sometimes shouts out her production company, and her RSS feed is captioned "Everything is going to happen. Justine Bateman said so."

And the actress-turned-screenwriter has a lot of time on her hands. On Wednesday she posted and reblogged 32 times; on Tuesday, 36. She even blogged during a Screen Actors Guild meeting.

But Bateman is still getting the feel for Tumblr culture. Content is copied, respliced and remixed frequently on the blogging service, as Bateman's own reblogs show. The actress gets touchy when it happens to her. "I don't like it when people edit my posts," she recently declared. "If you want to reblog me, please don't remove or change my comments.... Please unfollow me if this is upsetting or difficult."

If Tumblr doesn't work out for Bateman, she can always retreat into her Twitter.

Next step for nerd Mallory of the 21st Century: Dating Skippy.

(OK, that was mean. We're really just jealous she's following Balk.)