Today on Twitter: Media people being pretentious, from Bonnie Fuller to Wired's Chris Anderson and beyond! chairman Steven Johnson, who is currently getting paid by venture capitalists to drink and promote his book, sparred with "I'm a PC" Apple ad star John Hodgman. (Actually, that is pretty awesome — the getting paid to drink part.) got hacked with the false report of a Steve Jobs heart attack. Wired editor Chris Anderson, who does not actually run his magazine's website because of Condé Nast's bizarre internal politics, pretended he was in charge, Al Haig-style.

Former Engadget editor Ryan Block fussed with his espresso maker.

Formerly important media person Bonnie Fuller stopped to wonder if she was rude. (Answer: Yes, but not because of that.)

Boing Boing space princess turned blogger Xeni Jardin coveted the BarackBerry.

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