Finally, Wasilla resident Sarah Palin has taken a concrete step towards "telling her story" without the distorting filter of the mainland media and mousy comedians. She's looking for a big fat book deal!

Alaska's finest person has hired big shot DC lawyer Robert Barnett, who spends all his time landing multimillion dollar book deals for other DC big shots like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the savior of our nation's health, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. All liberals! But now he's branching out, to help bring Sarah Palin's wit and wisdom to the literary world. Since Laura Bush just sold her memoir for less than $2 million, we'll estimate Sarah Palin's would be worth, oh, $8 million. Laura Bush might sell in Barnes & Noble, but Sarah Palin sells in the grocery store checkout line.

THR also drops in this unsubstantiated nugget:

While not an immediate option, TV news is considered an intriguing possible future career path for the telegenic Palin.

May we be so lucky. [THR]