We hear CBS' 60 Minutes is preparing a profile on Anna Wintour. Though takedowns are the news magazine's claim to fame, we're betting the Vogue editor will emerged puffed up.

Wintour's reputation is not only that of a ruthless office dragon, but also as a something of a hissing serpent when cornered by reporters. She's been notoriously hostile toward reality television and apathetic with regards to the internet.

And yet there she was at Sundance, not praising but then again not tearing to shreds or, worse, ignoring the documentary film she allowed shot this fall in the Vogue offices. The whole thing — allowing the movie shot, making a series of comments in front of video cameras at a film festival — brought more attention than one would expect the aloof editor to allow.

Now 60 Minutes is apparently following her around. The show's cameras have been to at least one glitzy New York fashion event; the profile has been in the works since December or earlier. It's not clear what the airdate is, or if one is even set. (Know anything? Email us.)

Wintour's rivals at baby Vogues in France, Russia and Italy have garnered praise for running more provocative magazines than the U.S. flagship; Wintour, meanwhile is criticized as bland and overly commercial. In the cold light of financial reality, though, Wintour is not commercial enough — it is reality-show darlings like former Project Runway partner Elle that threaten Vogue's ad pages, along with, long-term, Web publications.

Maybe Wintour finally decided the cameras and masses are surer, more potent allies for her at this point in her career than avant-garde critics.