Josh Ozersky, the meat-crazed Restaurants Editor for Citysearch and the proprietor of food blog The Feedbag, has contracted the "disease of kings." He's well aware that he brought this on himself and is unrepentant:

Such is my total devotion to Citysearch readers that, thanks to my nightly travels, so amply chronicled on my twitter stream, I have gotten the ailment all men long for. What a triumph! Of course, there is the physical downside — a painful inflammation of the right toe joint, and a concomitant reduction in mobility — but what is the point of living in a city so rife with pork belly confits, foie gras-stuffed chickens, testa ravioli, yorkshire puddings, and ramen bars?

Luckily for us, overexposure to our kind of content mostly results in unseen, quietly building problems of the mind. Sure we'll eventually keel over into a wits-deprived heap, but at least our toes and elbows won't be swollen.

Anyway, congrats Josh. You now join Jared Leto in the Modern Gout club.