Mailing it in for Hamilton Nolan, who's, er, on assignment, I'm here with your post-inaugural, Nobama media column.

Postal rates are going up. Rather inconvenient for magazines, since their revenues aren't.

Portland's mayor, Sam Adams, may have hired local newspaper reporter Amy Ruiz for a job she was unqualified for, all to stop her from reporting on his relationship with an 18-year-old man. (Most gay guys we know would brag about dating an 18-year-old, but whatever.)

Newsday editor John Mancini disappeared for almost a week after the Cablevision-owned newspaper published a story about a sexual-harrassment lawsuit against Eddy Curry, a player for the Cablevision-owned Knicks. Now he's back on the job.

The Los Angeles Times, having cut 310 editorial jobs since July, is planning more layoffs. Wait — wasn't the editor bragging about how he could pay his reporters on online revenues alone? We're confused.

Radio talk jocks at Clear Channel are losing their jobs, too.