In the week leading up to President Barack Obama's inauguration, it was open season on the outgoing president on political TV. Even conservatives like Ken Blackwell and Scott McClellan joined in the jeering.

That a failed Republican gubernatorial candidate from Ohio and ex-White House spokesman would take potshots at a hugely unpopular outgoing president is not exactly a shock. Nor is it surprising to hear critics like Jon Stewart, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and even the Washington Post doing the same.

But one hopes the media's vehement George W. Bush-bashing won't push too many contrarian historians to look more kindly on the despised ex-president's (whee!) record in coming decades. Wonky academic types tend to take pride in flouting conventional wisdom. Or maybe that's just an ideological truism hammered into our skulls by the Republican party for the past eight years.

Video compilation of a week's worth of Bush judging is above, courtesy Gawker intern Georgina Devine. Thanks Georgina!