Would you like a day's worth of American Promise and Democracy summed up in ten brief internet videos? Yes you can click and watch the top ten moments of the Inauguration!

First and foremost: the speech, which is the point of the endeavor. There was and is too much hype surrounding the entire occasion to watch the speech with anything approaching a clear eye. But this was a nice bit.

Second: Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts confuses President Obama by flubbing the Oath of Office! The "misreading the Constitution" jokes have been made, by commenters. Thankfully Obama had already been our secret president for like four minutes, so it didn't matter. That little look he gives Roberts is awesome.

Third: Civil rights legend Joseph Lowery's awesome end to his benediction, with the rhyming! So great.

Hah, we love this woman. She is so excited about a black president, but then she's even more excited to be on the jumbotron! This is basically the best day of her life.

Not only did we get rid of Dick Cheney, forever, but he hurt his back, and so he was being wheeled around all day, hah. He looked like either The Big Lebowski or Ironside, except when he put the fedora on, and then he looked a bit like a Nazi who just peeked a bit at the Ark of the Covenant.

These fucking kids are so fucking cute. Look at them!

Aretha's Hat deserves to go straight to the Smithsonian, do not pass go, etc. It is an American Treasure, just like the lady it adorns.

President George H. W. Bush's hat was not as awesome, obviously, but we still like it, along with his kicky turtleneck and scarf.

Oh, and here was the worst part of the inaugural party, doughy hate-walrus Rick Warren babbling about God and "hay-seuss," the Mexican Jesus.

And then George W. Bush got to the chopper, and flew away, to Dallas, the worst city on Earth besides Houston, where be belongs.