Medical emergency at the luncheon. Looks like Senator Ted Kennedy suffered a seizure or "convulsion" of some kind and was wheeled out. Obama is speaking: his prayers are with Ted's family. Yeesh.

Another rumor had Robert Byrd also leaving the luncheon "overcome with emotion" but it seems to be just Kennedy who had trouble. Paramedics arrived and we might get an update now that Obama's done talking. Kennedy was reportedly still seizing when he was put in a wheelchair and brought out, and Byrd was also wheeled out, what the hell. Something is wrong with the crazy Abe Lincoln meal.

Kennedy attended the inauguration ceremony today and appeared to be in good spirits.

Here are Obama's remarks wishing the Kennedys the best:

If any medical news not of the "retelling the terrible story of everyone witnessing Kennedy's seizure" variety we'll update.

Update: Robert Byrd is fine. Except for being 1,000 years old, obviously. Surgeon General-to-be Sanjay Gupta says the cold is not to blame. It's the brain tumor.