In lieu of shivering in D.C., where are you watching the Inauguration? Send us your stories and pictures and things!

Anyone in the crowd at the Stock Exchange, or gathering in Times Square? One gossip blog writer might be sitting in his/her bed with the TV on low, mostly listening to podcasts because he/she is a bad American.

Other people say:

I am sadly on a bolt bus back to new York but I was in dc this morning and my metro car started singing gospel songs my favorite memory was this small young white girl going up to a group of older black women and asking them if they knew any of MLK's songs and then the ttain started singing we shall overcome sorry for the awful typing my itouch sucks

The entire staff of ESPN the Magazine just watched the swearing-in, the speech, etc. on a big projection TV in our conference room. The powers that be even brought in brunch, which is pretty swell of them. There was booing for Rick Warren, and spontaneous clapping when Biden and Obama finished taking their oaths.

So many people at Hachette are streaming video of the inauguration that the network is failing and they've asked us to stop.

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