The ubiquitous cutout of Barack Obama that's popped up in so many photos recently has suspiciously light-skinned mitts. At least, some people think so. Plus, those aren't his glasses. What is this conspiracy?

Slate rants about the controversy today, bewildered by the hands that don't match the head and those very Tom Daschelian spectacles. Spectacles that Obama doesn't wear.

So was this some egregious pasting of Obama's head onto some random white model's body? And if so, was it a corner-cutting borne out of laziness, or some strange commentary on the ambiguity of race in post-Hope America? We're not really sure, so we'll leave it up to you to figure out. We've placed some photos of the suspicious cardboard Barry below for your analysis. Maybe you've seen them in person!

Jan. 19th

Jan. 18th

Nov. 5th

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