Not everyone is in DC right now. Gawker operative Stephen Kosloff is prowling the Sundance Film Festival and will be periodically sending us reports. Here is his first dispatch.

Fashion photographer Keith Major is most ironically the subject of this photo as he trudges up Main Street to a party. Keith had this to say about the Doors documentary: "Not particulary ground-breaking but worth it for all the original footage.

Hip hop performer Tokyo Diiva gets it together in the green room at GLAAD's party. What is amazing is that she made both of those chairs herself in the wood-working shop she set up in her hotel room.

Club kid and fashion feeler Richie Rich post-performance at the GLAAD party. He smelled like figs and oats and lavender.

Dale Cornelius on the left there and Craig Fison mug at GLAAD's party at the Queer Lounge on Saturday. Dale composed the score for "Mary and Max" oont Craig was das set designer.

The man with the cigarette is named Michael, and he's smoking al fresco at the GLAAD party. Asked how he earned his keep he replied, "I travel and I party."

Nothing like a little hob-nobbing outside of a myspace party. We were going to ask these gentlemen their names, but unfortunately they were both mauled by a cheetah right after this photo was taken.

Mr. Miller patiently waits for a beverage at the GLAAD party. Miller: lousy beer, but ... a great shirt.

You can find more of Stephen's work here.