In the latest roundup of news from the frozen, overcaffeinated Park City frontier, Sony bets on black, Ashton Kutcher gets it on (and on) and Uma Thurman revolutionizes Sundance fitness.

· Sony made the second big buy of the festival, announcing its pickup of the revisionist blaxploitation flick Black Dynamite the morning after its well-received Midnight premiere. The studio was coy about its affection and eventual plans for the film, though word around festival HQ today cites long-lost Arsenio Hall's "Mickey Rourke moment." Or... not.

· En route to Park City on behalf of her new film Motherhood, Uma Thurman demonstrated her trademark yoga-and-smokes method of festival prep. There goes a true veteran.

· Seriously: What do Justin Kirk, Adam Scott and all these other Sundance snobs have against Hotel For Dogs? It's at least as good as the Ashton Kutcher gigolo flick currently terrorizing audiences.

· Speaking of which, Demi Moore promises she's just fine with her husband's nude, Anne Heche-humping exploits in Spread. Then Heche showed up pregnant in Park City. Developing... [via MyHogtown]

· The day his adaptation of David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews With Hideous Men premieres at Sundance, John Krasinski tells the LAT he owes everything he has to the late author. Steve Carell will not be pleased.