Sexy-yet-crazed stabber Rahm Emanuel says he disappointed his mom by not becoming a dancer. But this behind-the-scenes photo, from the New York Times Magazine photo shoot, shows he's still trying to make his mama proud.

When speaking to a crowd at the New Republic's Inauguration party (everyone in the new White House will be reading that mag, he said), the Chief of Staff mentioned that his kindly old Jewish mother had other hopes for his life:

As a former ballet dancer, let me tell you: For all I’ve done, she still says, ‘You coulda been a dancer.’ No matter what I’ve done: ‘You coulda been a dancer.’ Which is what a Jewish mother instills in a child. A sense of failing at all times.

He promised that he'd do some proper jigging at the various balls and galas being held this week for his new boss, Barack Obama. Though he said his dancing would be "nothing worth watching." We beg to differ. Just look at his form in that photo.

Image via NYT