The top editors of Newsday: they're missing! From work. Or are they? Rumors say they've been fired! Other rumors say they haven't. One thing is for sure: Cablevision sucks a big one, managerially speaking.

Yesterday Keith Kelly reported, perhaps a bit sensationally (in the Post? I know!) that "Chaos reigns at Newsday" because its top three editors were nowhere to be found, and everyone assumed they'd been fired:

A rumor making the rounds had the (Cablevision bosses/ Newsday owners) Dolans furious over Newsday's coverage of a sexual-harassment suit filed against Knick center Eddy Curry by his former chauffeur. Cablevision, which owns the Knicks, the Rangers and Madison Square Garden, bought Newsday from the Tribune Company last July for $650 million.

So Newsday follows up today with its own piece on these wild rumors, and they somewhat hilariously get totally stiffed by all the PR people and executives representing their own paper. Luckily they have inside sources!

But newsroom sources told Newsday that (editor) Henley was involved in the coverage Thursday of the US Airways plane downed in the Hudson River, and another source said (editor) Krenek was in New York City for scheduled meetings.

Voice mails for the three editors were back on yesterday after a wider outage had been corrected. Their names also continued to appear on the masthead.

But of course, Newsday's piece conspicuously does not say that the editors weren't fired, so it's a pretty good bet that they were, and Cablevision just fucked up the announcement of it, as they usually do (fuck things up). Answers are sure to come out soon, but if you know more, email us.